Poseidon's Horses


Do you know who was responsible for the nuclear catastrophe of Fukushima and the subsequent worldwide financial crisis? Jack Foster does. He also knows how antique magic, seamen, and mermaids are involved in all that. But this knowledge is very dangerous.


While treasure hunting off the Gulf Coast of Florida marine archaeologist Dr. Jack Foster discovers an unknown place built like an antique city. He is highly excited believing he has found the lost continent of Atlantis. However, he soon realizes that he accidentally came across a conspiracy aiming at taking over the world surpremacy. Not knowing who to trust, Jack decides to take down the conspirators himself. That brings him to Berlin, to the Mont-St-Michel, to New York, Phoenix, and Las Vegas, where the powers of the underworld are gathering for a final showdown. Jack is not alone – fighting by his side are his best friend Tony, the attractive biologist Cat, a German professor, and –not always to his liking – his mother.


This is the English version of "Die Weide der Seepferde" (Regina E.G. Schymiczek, CreateSpace 2013).

Only available as E-book.


Schymiczek, Regina E.G.: Poseidon's Horses, BoD - Books on Demand Norderstedt 2022; ISBN 9783756215171;

€ E-book € 6,99